Reliability Solutions

More reliable equipment is now the norm in all the industries. Customers expect increased performance and reliability at a lower cost, which requires the manufacturer to improve its process capability in order to meet the customer’s requirement. Reliability is a major driver of a company’s performance because the customers expect the equipment to function as specified by the manufacturer. Knowing how and when equipment fails gives a strategic advantage to the operation. Premature and unexpected failures lead to loss of production and higher maintenance costs.

Our goal at Solitrend is to implement a strategic Asset Maintenance Program to identify the root causes of failures before they occur.  We work closely with our clients to make them more proactive by adopting a preventive and predictive approach to maintenance. We don’t want our clients to spend more time putting out fires that should have never started in the first place. We want them to spend time focusing on scheduled work and improving the equipment. Transferring the knowledge of our Asset Management Program allows our clients to increase their equipment availability and efficiency while decreasing maintenance costs per unit produced.