The ability to understand KPI trends and trigger decisions that affect the company’s bottom line is key to the competency of great managers. With changing conditions in the market, making decisions while faced with uncertainty requires managers to analyze trends and translate that information into winning strategies. A data and facts driven decision process allow managers to make the right decisions at the right time. Sometimes, we just need a little more information to feel confident about the decisions we make.

At Solitrend, we understand the value of having a little more information so that our client can become competitive in today’s market. We specialize in designing systems and processes to support our clients as they reach their targets.  Our decision making processes and tools aim at improving productivity, improving efficiency, and reducing cost.

At solitrend, we aim at your target by challenging the status quo. We bring years of industry and academic experience in the engineering and data mining fields in order to support our clients in identifying, developing, executing, and controlling strategic solutions that deliver sustainable value.